Lagniappe Transcription

Lagniappe Transcription is a transcription service designed for writers, by a writer. I am committed to providing quality transcription services with high accuracy. I'm open to short-term projects, as well as long-term arrangements. 

Fees are a flat rate of 50 cents per minute of recorded audio. For example, an audio file that is 10 minutes in length will cost $5.00. If the initial file is less than 10 minutes in length, the final charge is also $5.00. You will always know up front what the final cost is so you can budget accordingly.

As the title says, the main focus is on transcription. I also provide basic proofreading services such as correcting misspellings, looking for typos, assuring that all punctuation is in the correct place, etc.

Proofreading is charged by the word at half a cent per word. I am available for light content editing at the same rate of half a cent per word. Editing fees are calculated on pre-editing word count. You don't pay for words I add.

I've just added manuscript typing to my services. If you have an old book written prior to the age of computers, I can take that hard copy and type it up as a Word document. The author can then turn it into an e-book. Fees are negotiable to fit your budget.

All Lagniappe inquiries should be sent here,

Lagniappe Transcription is affiliated with Writing Career Coach to provide content editing services, as well as collaborative and ghost writing.