Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This writer's life

After three years of what felt like nothing but curve balls, since May things have been pretty fantastic. (in my head, fantastic is said a la Christopher Eccleston, the Ninth Doctor)

First the whole space opera thing, which I'm still blowing full speed ahead on and having so much fun it oughta be illegal. Added some character images to its Pinterest board the other day. Also discovered a new plot twist in volume two a couple weeks ago. Very excited about it.

Everyone who's read it keeps going on about how amazing it is and I can't let it sit on my hard drive. It needs to be out there looking for a home. Despite the potential challenges of being a two-genre writer in two genres that don't usually meet, I'm embracing the challenge. The space opera has been submitted to the open calls at Harper Voyager and Harlequin, for their new direct to digital lines.

All things historical have been on hold for close to six months now. Even to the point where I've done very little fashion pinning and have been on Tumblr twice in the last six weeks. But lo and behold, it must not be the right track to set it aside completely for now. One of my crit partners told me Zondervan is doing an open call for their new digital line. Out came the finished historical so I can finish the character edit and submit it.

Speaking of the character edit, I really think it's the missing piece of the conflict. Everything is so much stronger now and I'm in love with the story all over again. Always a good sign.

Then yesterday, Rachelle Gardner had a very timely post about blogging. I've always struggled with the idea of being a regular blogger. It's not a shoe that fits me well, so to speak. I'm glad to see the "conventional wisdom" changing, and it takes away some of the pressure I've felt about building a blog. I'm not going to get rid of it, because I still want to do fashion stuff with it and the occasional post about whatever strikes my fancy. Like this one. And of course use it to share all the research I have to leave out while writing. But those posts will come when I have a sale and the book is on the horizon.

But as far as building a blog platform, I'm putting it to rest. My energy will go into Facebook, where I'm at all the time anyway, along with Goodreads and Pinterest. I have 140 followers, and I haven't sought out a single one. They've all found me. Most of them are not writers, and most of them are people I don't know. Pretty good return for zero recruiting work. What little I've done at Goodreads suits me, because it's more of a message board type thing. Which I'm way comfortable with.

So there it is. A peek into this writer's life right now.

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