Thursday, October 4, 2012

The finished product

Yeah, I know, it's been a week since I got back. Turns out attending conference can cause a fibro flare. Who knew? Anywho, back to normal, fully recovered.

Me and Roseanna M. White. Author pal, fellow fashion nerd, and a midget.

This actually turned out to be the best picture. Randy Ingermanson took one with me too, but he didn't put it on Facebook. :(

I was quite popular Saturday night. I don't remember ever having that many pictures taken of me. Me and Roseanna as a pair were also quite popular.

Also, purple mashed potatoes!


  1. I maintain: I'm not a midget, you're a giant. ;-)

    I got a picture of you and Randy too, though his hat kinda blends into the background. I'll email it to you. =)

  2. How'd the potatoes taste?

  3. What a great picture, Rachel! Your costume is perfection! I can tell a lot of attention to detain went into it. You looks so pretty. And Roseanna looks wonderful, too, in her pretty dress!

  4. Loved both your dresses! What a fun night.

  5. What, did Peg Pfifer slip something into the spuds? You know what a purple fan she is! Love the dresses. Next year I may pack my 14th century herbalist gown. Who knows?