Friday, August 31, 2012

Isaac: Days Four and Five

 Talk about a letdown! Isaac did nothing. Except litter pine cones across the yard.

Yesterday it stayed cloudy all day and the wind gradually died down. My sister stayed home from work and was playing the piano for a little while. The cat is Aisling, and she was not impressed. Right before I took this she walked across the keyboard, then after I took it she bit my sister's elbow.
Early this morning I wake up to pouring rain and a thunderstorm. I mean, pouring down buckets! The pool finally filled up where we don't have to put the hose until Sunday. Tomorrow I have to hook the vacuum up and let it do its thing.

Now the sun is shining, the humidity is through the roof and everything is back to normal. Power never even went out.


  1. I was diaappointed by it - they were making a big deal over it in my state, so I expected more than wind and rain.

  2. He's here now, dumping rain on us off and on. Humid as heck too.