Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hurricane Isaac: Day Three

On the left is the sky at one this afternoon. On the right, it's two hours later.

He's finally here. The wind really kicked up about 3, and started to sprinkle a few minutes later. Nothing like waiting 48 hours for it to get here. Most unusual, for a most unusual storm.

This is our swimming pool. You can see how low the water is. We let it do this on purpose because we're now in the 6-12" rain category and at some point the pool will overflow. Thankfully it won't be getting in the house this time! There's a built up concrete barrier at both French doors designed for hurricane-making-the-pool-overflow.

Here at our house we have a long, long, long history of roof problems during hurricanes, thanks to a very badly done flat roof that we tore down several years ago. But the problems continued until we were able to get a new roof put on the entire house, which finally happened after Gustav punched a hole in the roof of my bedroom. This time the house is good to go, but the chicken coop was another story.

We've had wind since yesterday and he already ripped some of the tar paper up. Eventually there will be shingles on it, but it got too hot to be up there doing shingles. Anywho, my sister and I hatched a plan, carted concrete pavers up there, retacked the tar paper and used pavers to secure crucial seams.

Naturally the first real rain band arrived while we were doing this. At one point we had to hunker down to keep from being blown off the roof. Just another day at our house getting ready for a storm. Not the first time we've nearly been blown off a roof. Won't be the last.

We're all ready to lose our power. Generator's fixed, gas cans are full, board games and lamps are ready. That's what we do when the power goes out and the storm's not over yet, play games. My dad was given a Doctor Who board game for his birthday a couple weeks ago and we haven't gotten a chance to play it yet.

I leave you with a video of the wind, taken around 3:30. The view starts to the left of the driveway, then pans up and to the right to catch the trees behind the house. The wind is barely tropical storm strength at this point. It's going to get worse overnight, because the eye is headed my way.


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