Monday, April 9, 2012

Review: Sancturay For A Lady

Sanctuary For A Lady
Naomi Rawlings
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Every year it seems, another European setting pops up. This one is set during the French Revolution. Whoo!

I had the pleasure of watching this book sell, via one of my writers groups and got to meet her in person at ACFW conference last year. Naomi finaled in the Genesis last year and then had to withdraw because Love Inspired bought her book. Every writer's dream!

Naturally I was drawn to the book because of the setting, and also because Naomi is such a sweet person and it was so exciting watching it all happen.

This romance is built on the opposite sides of society thing, which I love. Isabelle de la Rauchecauld is the daughter of a duke, and Michel Belanger is a peasant with a hatred for all things aristocratic. Like most of the French peasantry, and for good reason. Their journey to love is poignant, bittersweet and perfectly paced.

The villain twist I did not see coming. Isabelle's journey to forgiveness of the villain eerily mirrored my own forgiveness journey of the last two years. The setting was masterfully crafted, with just the right amount of French sprinkled in to make it authentic, but not off-putting or confusing.

Another thing I found wonderfully refreshing is that Naomi pulled no punches in painting every viewpoint of the Revolution. I love it when bloody revolutions are looked at from every angle, and not just the one that's portrayed to us as the "right" side. Truth is, there was no right side in the French Revolution. It helped no one, and definitely not the people who needed help the most.

And as a descendent of a long line of woodworkers, both professional and hobby, I truly enjoyed seeing Michel's love of woodworking come alive on the page. It's not a profession seen often in fiction.

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  1. Rachel, what a lovely book review! I'm so glad you liked the story, and enjoyed the different facets of the French Revolution that were explored in the novel. Thanks so much for posting this!