Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Charles Frederic Worth

I love 99% of the designs of Charles Frederic Worth. He got his start in the 1850's and one of his most famous clients was Empress Eugenie of France. But in my opinion, his best decade was the 1880's. So today, we're taking a stroll through some of my favorite Worth dresses.

As always, please click to make them bigger. You'll be glad you did.

This blue one is just amazing. It's an evening gown from 1883 made of silk moire. That's a fancy way of saying the silk looks like it's been stained by water. Beautiful. And the color!

I'm not sure if this is an evening dress or a dinner dress, but I love the understated elegance of it.

I love stripes too. This one is from 1884, silk satin and cut velvet. The blue is the satin, and the cream is the velvet. Here's the dress's page at the Chicago History Museum. It's well worth the click to zoom in and see the detail on the velvet stripes.

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