Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ball gown in blush pink silk

The current WIP is set in 1860 and the heroine desperately needs new clothes. The hero is a wealthy cotton factor and he buys her a new wardrobe. She's mulatto and living in his house under his protection, so it felt right for him to do it. He's also subconsciously trying to buy her love. What better way to do that than with clothes?

This evening gown is the finest thing she's ever owned. It's in the collection of the Royal Armory and Hallwyl Museum in Stockholm.

I'm guessing it's some type of silk. Moire maybe, aka watered silk. It doesn't look like taffeta at all.

What really drew me to it is the lace. I've never seen it swagged like that on the skirt. Divine isn't it? Also the massive box pleats skirt are unusual.

The point of the bodice is typical for the early 1860's. This dress is probably later than 1860, but since there will be no picture of it in the book I don't really care. It's not like I go into great detail about the point of the bodice and the shape of the skirt. She's not a seamstress. In fact, she hates sewing with a grand passion. That surprised me when she revealed it.

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