Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Flowers and dots and stripes, oh my!

Where do I start? I don't even know. I love *everything* about this dress. The lines, the bodice, the fabric, the construction, the trim, the colors. Click on it and make it bigger. I'll wait.

Seriously. Make it bigger!

It's a dinner dress dated 1855-1859, at the Met. I've never seen anything quite like it before. I'd place it on the earlier end of the date spectrum because the bodice doesn't come to the pronounced point that had begun to emerge by 1859.

With such a busy fabric it could easily look cheap and tawdry. This seamstress was a master of her work. Too bad records of who made dresses like this don't exist.


  1. It is a beautiful dress. I love the sleeves.

  2. Oh my, is right. It is gorgeous, wish I could see it in real life.

  3. I've been searching for pictures of gowns from the 1850's as my story is set in 1857. I googled "hoop skirt" and found your site! I see we share some of the same passions - fashions from the 1850s and writing Christian Fiction. I am looking forward to following your blog.

    1. Thanks! I haven't felt too good the last couple of weeks, hence why no new posts. But getting back at it now!

      The MS I'm shopping right now is set in 1857.

  4. I see why you love this dress, Rachel! Everything about it is gorgeous - style, fabric, appeal...