Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: His Steadfast Love

His Steadfast Love
by Golden Keyes Parsons

This book is totally separate from the Darkness to Light series, but related at the same time. One minor character is a Clavell descendent. And as in her previous series, each character struggles with doing what is right in a world turned upside down, where each side believes they're right.

Amanda Belle is a woman caught between the sides of the Civil War. Her father is a slave owner, her brother fights with Terry's Texas Rangers, and the man she loves is an officer in the Union army.

What drew me to this book isn't just that I know Golden and consider her a dear friend. I'm also a sucker for Civil War stories, and in this book she mentions the oft-forgotten, destined to fail Red River Campaign of April-May, 1864.

I'm a Confederate through and through, just so you know. I thought Golden handled the complexities of the war with grace, humility, and a light touch without ever playing down the wounds inflicted on both sides. Wounds the South still struggles with and lives with every day. Not once does she tell the reader what to think. Nor does she take the easy way out of turning every Southern character into an abolitionist. I hate it when authors do that.

At first I wasn't sure how the title related to a Civil War story. I kept thinking it was odd. After reading the book, no other title would work. It beautifully sets forth the theme of the book, without slapping you upside the head with it.

If you love Civil War novels, this one is a must-read. My only complaint is I wish more of Kent's POV had been included. In a romance, his POV is always my favorite.

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