Monday, August 8, 2011

I did it!

I finally did it. I typed THE END on my very first completed novel. At 1:54 pm yesterday afternoon.

Everything has changed now. And yet everything is still the same. I am now completely at ease with calling myself an author, a writer, and a novelist.

I can't remember the statistic for the number of people who want to write a novel. It's big. Very big. But less than a fourth of them actually finish one.

My final word count clocked in at 110,320. I've got some cutting to do, but not as much as you think. I'm targeting Revell, and I love 100K+ books. So that's what I wrote. I only need to cut about 7,000 words. Since I build in scenes, this won't be too difficult. And I'm actually excited about it.

I'm setting it aside for a week or so, to let it settle before I start revisions. I've been wrapped up in this thing for three years so I need a little distance. In the meantime, The Epic is calling. Loudly. So I plan to indulge.


  1. Good for you, Rachel! That very first "The End" is a huge accomplishment!

  2. I thought you'd finished another book. Wasn't there something else in the works at one time? Anyway, huge congrats! And sorry about the name. I'm signed into Google under the Bayou Writers' gmail. Too lazy to go to mine! :) ~jess in Lake Charles

  3. Congratulations, Rachel. That is a big accomplishment.