Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

The invitation says it all.

And now here on my blog....

A couple weeks ago I found myself writing a Fourth of July picnic into the WIP. It's set on a central Louisiana French Creole plantation, and the Creoles tended to keep themselves apart from the Americans. Even in 1857.

There's only one surviving record that I know of that records Alexandria's Fourth of July celebrations. Unfortunately I don't have access to it right now and couldn't remember what Mr. Hynson said for 1857, so I made it up.

A picnic seemed like a safe choice, considering the culture I'm writing about. French Creoles weren't usually a terribly patriotic bunch of people when it came to the United States. They much preferred their own culture to that of the crass and boorish Americans.

Plantation residents always looked for an excuse to get together outside of church. Tossing in a picnic seemed like a good setting for that particular scene and sets the stage for the next Door of No Return.

I'm still going to do some stuff about French Creole architecture, but I still have to put it together. I spend yesterday writing on the WIP instead and clocked in a new daily word count high: 3,540!

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