Monday, June 27, 2011

New photo!

When I started using this template, I wondered if there was a way to change the photo at the top. Turns out there is, I just had to scroll through all the HTML code until I found it. Obviously, I did.

The above photo is probably the most famous balcony in all of the French Quarter. It's above the River's Edge Restaurant on the corner of Decatur and St. Ann. When you orient Jackson Square to the points of the compass, it's a diamond shape with the cathedral on the northwest side. This balcony in at the point where southeast meets northeast. Jackson Square itself is to the left of this picture and the French Market three blocks to the right.

This particular picture was taken by my friend Ria in 2006 when she came to visit me. We stared at it the whole time we ate beignets across the street at Cafe du Monde and she just had to have a picture of it. It's in mid-September.

Since I'm currently writing about French Creole culture, what better picture to have than the first mental image people get when you say French Creole?


  1. It's a lovely photo, Rachel, and very evocative of New Orleans. I've been playing around with my blog, too, and changed the theme and layout. it's fun!

  2. Oh you just couldn't resist bragging about those beignets, could you?? Next thing I know you'll be gabbing about the boudin ...

    Great post ... loved the photo ... can you tell me how to change mine ... please!