Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review: Shadowed in Silk

Shadowed in Silk by Christine Lindsay.
E-book release date:May 1
Paperback release: September 1.
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Even though it's the printed word, Shadowed in Silk is a feast for the senses. Christine paints India with words that bring it to life. The textures and scents and culture of India almost breathe on the pages of her debut novel.

No part of Indian culture is left out of this book. Christine weaves Hindu words and beliefs into every chapter and does it beautifully and naturally. The themes of redemption, forgiveness and God's grace live on every page and in every decision Geoff and Abby make.

Geoff is a man struggling with his faith in the aftermath of World War One and losing many of the men under his command. I found many things in his spiritual journey that I identified with. He struggles with forgiveness, as I have over the last year.

Abby starts out a little naive. The India she returns to is not the India of her childhood. Even without knowledge of God until the end of the story, she is a woman of faith, ministering to all those around her. Especially the untouchables and orphans. The fact that she "sees" everyone around her is what draws Geoff to her.

But she's a married woman. The way Geoff dealt with those feelings is one of the rare times I've seen this done in a realistic manner in a Christian romance. He doesn't just pray about it and it magically goes away and he can be around her all the time. No, he struggles with it throughout the book, tries to avoid her, tries to see her as nothing more than a sister. In the process he hurts Abby. And grows from it.

The secondary characters are also richly drawn and just as fleshed out as the main characters. Eshanna in particular is well done. A young Hindu widow cast out by her family, she embraces a God who makes her a princess. Christine is able to give the reader a true representation of the musical accents most Indians have when they speak English. And never once does she use any sort of dialect to do it.

This book has it all. Love, betrayal and sacrifice. Spies, gun-running and suspense. Christine's love for the people of India also shows on every page. Her passion gives the story life.

Shadowed in Silk is a rich historical romance that is not to be missed. Don't let the unfamiliar setting put you off. It is well worth the time.

As of this posting the Kindle version of the book is not live yet, but keep checking. For some reason there's a delay in the book being posted on Amazon.


  1. It's been a pleasure to watch Christine's journey to this publication via the wonderful HIS WRITERS loop. Thank God for His blessing on her for this story and for Whitefire's willingness to go with a non-traditional setting.

    I can't wait to read it.
    thanks Rachel!

  2. This sounds so great--I can't wait to read it!