Monday, April 11, 2011

Review: At The Captain's Command

The third book in Louise Gouge's East Florida colony series did not disappoint. The rich prose and characters with deep convictions that I've come to expect from Louise were richly evident in this novel.

Thomas Moberly doesn't understand why the colonists are rebelling against England's rule. Dinah Templeton, younger sister of Jamie Templeton from The Captain's Lady and a devout Loyalist, captures his attention at first sight. Already aware that this is his brother-in-law's sister, he takes it on himself to make sure she's being taken care of. Unbeknownst to him their families have been scheming for years to get them together.

Dinah is living with her foster sister in St. Augustine and assists the doctor at the fort. It's there she first sees Thomas Moberly. Their romance develops quickly, but believably. I particularly loved the elegant language Thomas used to express his affections and the proposal scene goes down as one of my favorites. Dinah is a strong character, but still period appropriate. Her Quaker upbringing shows in her strong convictions that never waver.

From the moment Captain Thomas Moberly entered the scene in The Captain's Lady, I wanted to know more about him. He struck me as a man of deep character. He did not disappoint. He and Dinah are Loyalists and I found it very interesting and wonderfully written. That's not a viewpoint seen often in fiction set during the Revolutionary War. Louise made me see their side of the issue and how it mattered to them.

Having Thomas on the cover of the book is also a huge plus. The book lives up to the promises made by the cover.

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