Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life, or something like it

My blog has been languishing lately, I know. Lots has happened over the last few months. So bear with me here and I will update anyone who's actually still reading this.

1: Hubby got a job!!! It was officially offered and accepted the week of Thanksgiving. Talk about plenty to be thankful for!

2: The job is in New York. As in state. 1400 miles away. Yikes!

3: December was spent finalizing moving details, getting ready for Christmas, seeing all the grands one more time and playing Killer Bunnies.

4: Packing commenced in earnest on January 3rd. Our move date was January 15th. We got it all done, the movers came, we spent two nights on an air mattress and I took him to the airport. He flew up here, then I followed a few days later with my parents and The Munchkin.

5: The last 6 weeks has been spent acclimating to being 1400 miles from home, surviving my first blizzard, looking for a place to live and yes, writing!

We have found a place to live and will be moving into it next weekend, if all goes according to plan. I can't wait!!! It's an apartment, but it has a very nice kitchen, bright rooms and a patio! It's also a corner unit and we're at the back of the complex. As far as apartment living is concerned I think we done good. The complex itself is also very nice and very close to work.

More milestones have been reached. The Yellow Flag has topped 13,000 and I'm seriously considering entering it in the Genesis. Working through it with CP's right now.

So where exactly in New York is this Southern country girl? Long Island, almost exactly in the middle of said island. And moving to a town that was founded in 1744. My history geek side is ecstatic. Since limbo is officially over and the next stage of our lives has begun, it is my goal to get the blog going again and post regularly. It is also my goal to finish the first draft of The Yellow Flag.

I invite you to join me as I walk the path into the next phase of my life.