Saturday, January 17, 2009

Warning- Political post!

I'm not one to post much about politics on my blog because I'm one of those very passionate people who is very easily drawn into debate and argument over it. But I just can't keep quiet about this.

I'm extremely conservative. I discovered yesterday that the current "in" word for my brand of conservative is paleoconservative, which means "old". I am NOT a neoconservative, even though I voted for Bush. I don't like being called a neocon either because I think their views are warped and dangerous.

Whenever the guard is changing on Capitol Hill, accusations are thrown around like darts, truth is distorted and the blame for all the world's ills are laid at the foot of one man. I'm not going to sit here and defend everything that Bush has done. I don't agree with a lot of it. But please people! This is getting out of hand.

I remember when things changed from Bush to Clinton and I don't remember the newly-energized conservatives being this nasty about Clinton's legacy. Which is one of deceit and immorality. That man did more harm to the office of president than Bush could ever do. An affair in the Oval Office is far more devestating than relying on possibly faulty intelligence to get rid of one of the most evil men the world has seen since the deaths of Stalin and Hitler.

We don't know all of the informtation that Bush was presented with for every decision he's made in the last 8 years. Much of this information we will never know and we do not need to know. We don't know all of the information he had that led us into Afghanistan and Iraq. We will never know. Obama will also make decisions based on information we will never know.

As for the economic mess we find ourselves in, it is just foolhardy to lay the blame at the feet of one man. The blame is collective and it goes all the way back to 1992 and a man known in Arkansas as Slick Willie, who began to de-regulate the banking and stock industries within weeks of taking office. When you take away the rules things fall apart. That's almost a law of nature. Society cannot exist without rules and boundaries. Chaos only creates more chaos. That is a law of nature.

It's not Bush's fault we're in a meltdown. It happens and it would have happened if Gore or Kerry was president. It would have happened if Obama was president, or Bob Dole. Look at the facts, people! Who de-regulated the industry? Wasn't Bush. He just got stuck with the problem. But that doesn't mean he created it.

Obama does not have the magic wand to fix all of this. The problem has been ignored for too long. The blame for that does partly go to Bush, but it also goes in equal measure to Congress for allowing the de-regulation to take place in the first place. And also to Clinton and his advisors for cooking up the plan in the first place. The US is not a monarchy. It takes a joint effort to pass every law. Just because the president signs it doesn't mean he's responsible for its consquences. Every senator and congressman who votes "yes" on a dangerous or flawed piece of legislation carries just as much blame for it as the man who signs it.

Obama is inheriting a mess created by the man whose wife will be dogging his every step for the next 4 years at least. How on earth is installing Clinton cronies going to fix or change anything? These are the people who started all this mess in the first place. Every administration inherits problems from the previous administration. That is the nature of our system. Obama has a whole boatload of stuff to deal with leftover by Bush AND Clinton. Even a few problems from Bush #1. He will not be able to fix all of it. I have my doubts that he can really fix any of it because of his complete lack of experience. But that's another issue entirely...

Don't lay the blame on Bush for this. Tell your congressman and your senator to stop being so irresponsible with your money, to pay attention and to stop messing with things. And for that matter tell those who voted yes on the bailout money that it was the worst thing they've ever done.

It's going to take a long-term plan--and by that I mean 10+ years--to fix this problem. It took 15 years to create it. It's not going to be fixed in a matter of months.