Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So far this month has been one of writing milestones.

1: New personal best daily word count. Twice! First one was 1,525. Second one was 1,580.

2: Brainstorming sessions with a CP that were actually helpful. For both of us.

3: Finally finding the lie for the heroine of The Yellow Flag, my 1857 Louisiana historical. I've been trying to crack her open for two years.

4: Topping 10,000 on The Yellow Flag. This is the second time topping 10,000 has happened to me, but the first time doesn't count. I scrapped it all. But this 10,000 I'm keeping. The story is started in the right place.

I've come to the conclusion that having CP's is a good thing. It keeps me motivated to write so that I have stuff for them to read. I'm learning a lot too, which is always a good thing.


  1. CPs really are a great motivator. Congratulations on your word count and having words your're excited about keeping!

  2. Am I too late? LOL! Probably, but I can say I would lOVE to read this book. :D