Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Review- The Blue Enchantress

The Blue Enchantress is the sequel to The Red Siren, and book two in the Charles Towne Belles series. Mary Lu brings her love of the sea and pirates to every book she writes, and this one is no exception.

One of Mary Lu's great strengths is characterization. Hope is a deeply flawed woman with a shameful past who would be easy to hate. Yet the reader is drawn into her story and filled with compassion for her, even though she richly deserves everything that's happening to her.

Having lived through a few hurricanes myself, Mary Lu's descriptions of the hurricane are spot-on. She easily captures the fear of everyone on board, and the superior arrogance of someone who's never been through one and doesn't think it can be that bad.

I also very much enjoyed the spiritual warfare angle. It began in The Red Siren and she continued to build on it in The Blue Enchantress. Spiritual warfare is something that's often overlooked in Christian historical fiction.

All in all a very enjoyable read with vivid characters, memorable settings and plenty of "meat". I eagerly look forward to the release of The Raven Saint, the final book in the series that will feature Grace Westcott.

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  1. I have read The Blue Enchantress and am waiting for The Raven Saint. I enjoyed The Blue Enchantress. Blessings. AprilR