Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Spotlight on Europe

My reveiw of "In The Shadow of the Sun King". A little late I know. I please real life.

I finished it nearly two months ago and WOW! Very impressive debut novel. Rich storytelling, finely crafted characters and just the right amount of real feeling romance. You all know one of my biggest beefs with CBA romance is the lack of sensuality and passion. Being a Christian does not mean you are immune to the physical feelings of love, longing and loss.

Golden's research on the time period and on Versailles showed on every page, but will not overwhelm the average historical reader. The secondary characters draw you in just enough that you want to learn more about them. Which we'll get to do in the second book that releases next year.

The plot itself also addresses aspects of French history that are very much overlooked in the history books. The persecution of Protestant Christians was a very real problem in France in the 17th century and this book tackles the subject head on, sparing nothing. The historical reasons for the persecution are outlined, as well as what is believed to have been Louis' motive for it. The information is also presented in a way that blends seamlessly with the plot, and it's a crucial part of Madeline's motivation.

There are also little costume and hair dressing tidbits scattered beautifully throughout the book. It was a wonderful read, totally engrossing, and one that I will read again.

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