Monday, November 24, 2008

The Long Awaited Update

I've been a bad blogger I'm afraid. Won't be getting better any time soon either. When one is falling in love with the man of her dreams blogging just isn't that important. Especially when one is a romance writer who likes to write about characters from different cultures falling in love, and that is exactly what is happening to me. Research doesn't get any better!

His name is Huston and he is a design engineer. He's originally from India and is of Portuguese descent, so everybody thinks he's from Mexico when they're first introduced to him. I met him online, at eHarmony. Yes, I did the eHarmony thing and I must say I had some pretty wonderful results with it.

We have the same goals and desires for our lives, and with the things I've posted here about wanting for my life that's not an easy thing to find in a guy. We had each just about given up on finding the person God created for us. He doesn't want a career woman, he wants someone who wants to stay home and raise a family. I want someone who wants a woman who wants to stay home and raise a family. He's also very open to adoption, which is another thing that's important to me.

He lives in Mississippi, so I'll be moving there next year after the wedding. We've met in person 3 times and he's coming here to my house for Thanksgiving. He's met most of my immediate family, but none of the crazy cousins yet.

The cherry on top (even though I don't like cherries on top of my sundae) is that he is very supportive of my writing, always asking me if I've written anything and how it's going. That means so much to me that it's important to him.

But that's still not the best part. The best part of all is that he is willing to pursue this relationship my way, which is an approach that is based on Biblical purity and the Biblical model of courtship. We have not kissed yet, and that's still a ways off. He has expressed to me that he wants to do nothing that will dishonor me in any way, whether it's physical or just thoughts. That is the most important thing to me.

Here's a picture of us, taken on November 8th at Destrehan Plantation on the River Road.

After Thanksgiving is over, on Spotlight I'll have an interview with Linore Rose Burkard, a fellow HisWriters member and author of "Before The Season Ends", a Regency romance in the style of Jane Austen. There will be a book giveaway, which is dependent on people commenting. If you love Regencies, romance and Jane Austen stop by for a chance to win this book!


  1. Hi, Rachel!
    Oh, that is so sweet and so cool, that you've set a wedding date! I must have missed that post on the loop. CONGRATULATIONS and he sounds like a great guy!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving, and I am looking forward to being here (virtually speaking) very soon.


  2. Congratulations!! That's excellent news, I'm so happy for you =)

  3. Congratulations, Rachel. God will honor your decision to honor Him in your relationship.

    Blessed Thanksgiving.