Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spotlight on Europe

I finally finished Hearts in the Highlands, so today I'm doing my review. Next week I'll have an interview with Ruth. Since the hero is an archaeologist I decided to time the interview posting with the new Indiana Jones movie.

Hearts in the Highlands was Ruth's first LIH, and my first book by her. I thoroughly enjoyed every page. Reid had just the right amount of tragic past to suit my tastes, and a big secret that prevented him from acting on his feelings towards Maddie.

And Reid's aunt... What a character! I loved her and hated her. She was the perfect stuffy high-society matron that you just want to throttle. A lot like Mrs. Harris in the Anne of Avonlea movie. (who actually shows up as a character in Anne of Windy Poplars) Or as the movie is called currently Anne of Green Gables: The sequel. (how lame is that?)

I loved the Scottish highland setting and the little glimpses of Scottish life. Some of my family roots are Scottish, so those books are always special to me.

The progression of the romance between Reid and Maddie was very well done and never once felt forced or contrived. Their mis-understandings in regards to each other's feelings was very believable, as were all of Maddie's incorrect assumptions about him.

I also really enjoyed the little touches of how quickly the world was changing in 1890. There's a wonderful scene with Reid teaching Maddie how to ride the new-fangled bicycles.

If you like Scottish settings, well-written romances and touches of the exotic, you will love Hearts In The Highlands.

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