Friday, May 23, 2008

The Friday Fact

Continuing in the series on needlework.

This week is needlepoint. NOT to be confused with counted cross-stitch. The two are totally different.

Needlepoint is one of the oldest forms of needlework. It dates back to the middle ages at least, and very likely even earlier. Tapestries were originally worked in needlepoint, and later on they were woven.

It's worked on mesh canvas in a stitch known as the tent stitch. Traditionally needlepoint was always worked with woolen yarn, but nowadays the fiber possibilities are endless. Your options include everything from cotton to bamboo. I've actually stitched with bamboo floss and my word! The stuff is SO soft and the colors are so vibrant.

Because of the canvas it's stitched on and the use of wool, needlepoint pieces are very sturdy and durable. During the Victorian era needlepoint seat cushions were extremely popular. The heroine in Hearts In The Highlands does needlepoint.

Next week will be counted cross stitch and I'll show off some of the things I've done. It's my addiction of choice when it comes to needlework.


  1. Someday I'm going to get into all this handiwork. Really! My grams did tons of this when she was alive, and I have some of her work hanging in my hallway now. It's an art not seen too often nowadays.

  2. I love to see the needlepoint chairs and footstools in museums. I always wonder about the women who worked on them. I'm sure they never dreamed we'd be able to see and admire their work a hundred years (or more) later.