Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Spotlight

There's no Spotlight today. I've been completely engrossed in the sometimes strange ways God works things out for us.

The agent at the top of my list is a member of my European group. The announcement last week that Rachelle Gardner is open again to historical romances set us all atwitter and we started discussing her in particular and agents in general. I mentioned that she was on my list and some of the things others had shared would come in very handy. But Rachelle was not at the top of my list. Someone else is. Never in my wildest dreams or most overactive imagination did I think I'd get an invitation to query A Time For War.

Kelly Mortimer is a dear!!!! As with all agents, she won't offer representation on an unfinished manuscript. Which makes perfect sense, this is a business after all. But she does have a heart for new writers and wants to encourage us and help us on the path to publication. That's her purpose in letting me query.

So I've spent the last 3 days crafting my first query letter, running it through my crit partners and tweaking and cutting and shortening to one page. Finished it today and sent it off to Kelly's inbox. I'm anxious to read her comments and see what advice she has to offer.


  1. Congratulations on sending out your query. Each step brings you one little bit closer to publication.

    Keep putting words on paper and you'll soon have a finished ms.

    Congrats again!

  2. Good for you, Rachel! I was nervous sending off my first query, but remember God is in control.