Monday, April 7, 2008

Just musing

Two posts in one day, ya'll are probably going to faint. I've been a bad blogger again. Work's been really busy the last few days. REALLY busy.

Last week I hit my first real milestone. I topped 11K on first draft of A Time For War. Needless to say I was totally thrilled. This is the most I've ever written on something.

I seem to be settling into a sort-of routine in regards to writing. When work is slow, I keep something open to be working on. Haven't written a word since Wednesday though. Busy, like I said.

Am in the midst of reading A Passion Most Pure. The book lives up to the hype! It is one of the best books I've ever read. I have seen a few questionable words and phrases, but the year is 1916-1917, so it doesn't jerk me out of the story like it would if the year was 1816. The characters are very well done and very gripping. Julie is a very talented author. The second book comes out in September.

Genesis results are out. I didn't final, but one of my crit partners did. CONGRATULATIONS, Rachel!!! And congratulations to Erica Vetsch for double finaling in Lit and Historical Romance. Mine was entered in HR and I'm nowhere near as good as Erica is. Yet. I plan to continue giving her a run for her money though.


  1. Hey, Rachel, thanks for the compliment. And congratulations on reaching 11K words on A Time For War. That's something to be proud of! Good idea keeping the file open to work on when you have a few minutes. You'll be giving them ALL a run for their money soon. :)

  2. You still came out ahead by entering, right? I love getting the judges comments. (I had another manuscript entered that did not final.)

    You definitely have the knowledge and the passion to give any writer a run for her money. :-)

    Thanks for the congrats!