Friday, April 25, 2008

The Friday Fact

Today we'll wrap up the unofficial series on lace. This post will exhaust my knowledge of the artform!

One of the most popular forms of lace currently is knit lace. It's also one of the oldest forms of lace making, being nearly as old as knitting itself. However, it's not as delicately sturdy as crocheted lace and is used mainly as clothing. A knit doily just won't hold up very long and it would be a very bad choice to protect a chair from pomaded hair.

Knit lace is used mainly in shawls, like this beauty here designed by my friend Laura Patterson. Gorgeous isn't it? I haven't tackled knit lace yet, but I do have my first pattern picked out.

Next week I think we'll start wandering through some of the different kinds of embroidery.

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  1. Why thank you, Rachel! What a sweetie you are. :-)