Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spotlight on Europe

Today I'm finally going to post my review of The Briton! That I finished a month ago...

Author is Catherine Palmer, and the book launched the new LI Historical line. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The plot blurb:
The Britons, had lost all she held dear. She had been widowed in war, then robbed of the ancestral home that was her birthright. And now her last hope was a stranger-one with whom she'd shared a single tender kiss.

The foreign knight Jacques le Brun begged her to let him defend her honor-nay, her very life. But he owed fealty to the hated French who had conquered her country, England, and to the new faith they brought with them. Could Bronwen place her trust in the pure, untainted love she saw shining in this man's eyes-and follow him to a new world?

The book is set in the 12th century and Catherine did a marvelous job of capturing the turmoil that the isle of Britain was experiencing. This was the age of the first crusades and the Normans fighting over who was going to rule the island. Loyalties were divided and friends were hard to come by.

Bronwen immediately captured my attention. She's a very strong woman who is determined to uphold her family's legacy, but she does it all with grace and style. That's the kind of strong heroine that I like. Her first experience with Jacques is her first experience with the invading Normans and Christianity. The relationship grows slowly, but very believably. Jacques is just the kind of hero that I like to read about, strong and committed on the outside and a total mushy romantic on the inside. His offer of protection, with no strings attached, is what begins to soften Bronwen's heart towards the Normans and their God.

A highly enjoyable book and you should check it out even if you don't like medievals.

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  1. I absolutely love medievals! Catherine's book sounds like a great one. Thanks for stopping by my blog.