Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spotlight on Europe

Recently released is the third book in Tricia Goyer's Spanish Civil War series. You may have noticed the book mentioned Monday when I posted about the scavenger hunt game that's going on.

From CBD:
The fighting between the Nationalists and the Republicans grinds on across Spain, threatening to destroy everything and everyone in its path. International volunteers Sophie, Philip, and Deion are slowly coming to grips with the fact that if they are going to survive to help the people of Spain, they must escape this foreign land soon. But the line between friends and enemies is increasingly blurred, and the journey out of the country is fraught with danger. And then there's the gold. Walt has a plan for the treasure that he promises will help the people of Spain if Sophie will help him get it out of the country. But Michael is hot on their trail with plans of his own for the precious metal. The Whisper of Freedom reminds readers that victory is often unsure in times of war. Danger and darkness can threaten to silence all courage and faith. But as this committed band of volunteers and Spanish patriots learns-hope is more precious than gold.

This series has been getting a lot of buzz because of the time period. The 1930's. Tricia's been getting a lot of flak for having characters who are Communist. In my mind this is how it should be. Back then Communism was very appealing. People all over the US and Europe were starving and Communism promised food for everyone. Lenin's Bolshevik rallying cry was "End the War and bread for everyone!". The cry worked, even though the bread for everyone part never came true. But Americans didn't know that part then.

To me, this is another classic example of people trying to judge history according to what we know today. It doesn't work that way. What we know now about Communism, we didn't know back then. Nobody knew that Stalin was a despot dictator who killed more Jews than Hitler. Nobody knew he was paranoid or that the Russian people were starving to death.


I've been a really really bad blogger the last couple weeks. My excuse is that I've been caught up in training for my new job and I've been totally focused on that. To the exclusion of everything else, lol. But training is just about done so I hopefully shall be returning to the land of regularity very soon.

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