Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Russian fiction

I discovered another set of Russian fiction set during WW1 and the Revolution. Amazon has the series listed as the Crossings of Promise. It's three books: Calm Before The Storm, Eye of the Storm and Out of the Storm. The author is a new ACFW member, Janice Dick.

Naturally the setting grabs my attention. Quickly followed by the time period. If there's one trilogy in this time period out there already, then there's got to be room for one more that takes a different narrative point of view.

The characters in Janice's books are Mennonites. Russia had a very large Mennonite community in the late 19th century and many of them emigrated to the US and Germany during the Revolution and ensuing civil war.

As my perusal of Russian set Christian fiction continues, I am more and more convinced that my characters are very unique. They're not Mennonite, they're not Jewish, they're not Baptist. They're Orthodox. Faithwise they represent the majority of Russians for that time. I'm not afraid to make my characters Orthodox. Heck, I'm not even afraid to let a character be Catholic if that's what suits the character.

Yes my characters are wealthy and own land. But my heroes also have peasant roots so they see both sides of the society they live in. The issues that Michael will be struggling with as he is fighting with the Whites are issues that many of the revolutionaries dealt with too. Another thing that sets me apart is that I don't have a main character who is a revolutionary. I have a couple of very minor ones, but they don't play a huge part in the plot.

The Bolsheviks view of what all was going in gets a lot of screen time in novels and movies. What you don't hear about is the Whites side of things. Their lives changed too. Many of them were sent to prison or executed simply for owning land or having a lot of money. Overnight an entire class of people became criminals. That's what I've chosen to focus on and that's what continues to make my writing different from the other Russian set fiction that's out there.

Changes coming soon!!!!
The URL of this blog will be changing VERY soon. This weekend if I can get it out figured out. It's time to move past the casual writing stage and into the author-pursuing-publication stage. To that end, the blog will be getting a bit of a makeover, a new URL and a shifting focus. The Friday Fact and Spotlight on Europe will remain the same.

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