Thursday, February 21, 2008

Interview with Lynette Eason

Today I have a short interview with Lynette Eason, author of the LI Suspense novel Lethal Deception.

Where did the initial idea for Lethal Deception come from?
I was sitting the Department of Motor Vehicles thinking I would NEVER get out of that "jungle" when I just started brainstorming the first chapter of Lethal Deception. I had a screaming two year old in front of me who became the daughter of missionary friends who needed a guardian. I threw in a few bad guys, a hero to the rescue and a loving God and voila! I know, that's a really weird way to get a story idea, huh?

Not as weird as where some of mine have come from!

Did you choose the human trafficking issue on purpose, or did it just happen? (this issue is something I follow very closely and address in my own stuff, so you could say it's very close to my heart)

I had seen something in the news or in the paper, I can't remember which, about this issue and it's just horrifying. Then the light went on, and I thought that would be a GREAT platform for my heroine. So, I worked it in the story. Plus, it's a major issue in Brazil and Venezuela and other countries and I feel like people need to be aware of it. Great question! Thanks for asking it.

I'm a total sucker for guys in a uniform, especially if they have the Navy SEAL trident pinned on it. Where did Gabe come from?
Oh, I'm like you. I love SEAL stories, RANGER stories, etc. I picked Navy SEAL for Gabe because it just fit him. And I'd already done some research on SEALs so everything seemed to work together in the story for him to be a SEAL...with a troubled past!

Will we ever find out exactly what happened to Micah? I don't believe for a minute that he's really dead...

YES! You will find out in book two. RIVER OF SECRETS is coming out in August of 2008 and you'll know exactly what happened to him... I LOVED writing that story.

Thanks, Lynette! I for one am very much looking forward to RIVER OF SECRETS.

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