Friday, February 1, 2008

The Friday Fact

Some Adoption Facts

As usual, I have Russia on the brain. I'd had a great thought to do for today, but somewhere along the way I've lost it and I can't find it. My mind used to be a steel trap, now it's a sieve! So I'm falling back on something else.

Russia first opened for international adoption in 1993. I forget where I saw that though, I've been to so many Russian adoption sites in the last year. No, I'm not planning to adopt a child anytime soon. I'm just doing research. When you have multiple Russian orphans living in your head you need to know everything that you can possibly find out about them. At least that's my excuse, lol.

The number of children adopted in that first year was somewhere around 325. I had the number written down somewhere, but I've lost it...

China and Russia are now the #1 and #2 countries that American families adopt from. Guatemala is the #1 South/Central America country. In 2000, 64% of foreign adoptees were girls and 36% were boys. These numbers reflect China's #1 status. I expect these numbers will start to change though because China is now realizing all its men don't have anybody to marry so they've just started limiting the number of adoptions that they'll approve. Almost 90% of all internationally adopted children are under the age of 5.

My adopted characters are older than the average. Quite a bit older in fact. But I've always enjoyed a challenge and I wanted them to be old enough to retain the Russian language and be able to enjoy being Russian and being American. If I believed in re-incarnation, I would think that I'd been a Russian in a past life.

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