Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spotlight on Europe

So I realized at 10:40 last night that I forgot to post this yesterday. As Ann Landers used to say, 10 lashes with a wet noodle!

This week is The Lady of Milkweed Manor by Julie Klassen.

From CBD:

Charlotte Lamb, a fallen vicar's daughter, hopes to secret herself away in London's grim Milkweed Manor. But once there,she is mortified to find herself in the care of a former suitor, a physician whom her father long ago rejected as unsuitable, a man who now hides secrets of his own. Both are determined, with God's help, to protect those they love. But neither could guess the depth of sacrifice that will be required of them.

This book is a Regency, and even though I don't generally like Regencies I'm very heartened and upbeat about its release. Regencies being picked up and published by CBA houses bodes VERY well for non-American historical fiction in general. This year is bringing the release of a lot of Regency books in the CBA, and I wonder if it's at all connected to the buzz over the new Jane Austen movies and the recent success of the Pride and Prejudice adaptation that starred Kiera Knightley.

As a writer with a passion for European historicals, I choose to see the upcoming Regencies as a positive sign for the world of historical fiction. Readers who devour Regencies tend to pick up anything that's set in Europe, hoping to get that same "flavor". While I personally don't care for them, I know that readership is going to be a huge part of any marketing efforts I may to have be involved in later in the future.


And a Genesis update! I have my pages all done, 15 this year. I have one more round of edits to make thanks to the CP's and then I'm sending my precious baby out into the world. This will be the very first time that these characters have ever been seen by judges. They've been living in my head for nearly 15 years now. It's both exhilirating and frightening to let them take flight. Exhilirating because I know this is an important step in my journey to become an author, and frightening because it's the first time I've sent my writing out into the world, so to speak.

Am I nervous? You betcha! Am I excited? Of course! I've had a couple people tell me that it's good enough to final, and maybe even win. I selfishly hope so. That would be amazing. But I also know that the outcome is in God's hands and that no matter what happens to this story, I'm on the right track and I am where He wants me to be. And that's what this whole writing journey is all about anyway.

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  1. Yeah for Genesis! I'm sitting it out this year because I don't have anything new! Good luck and welcome to Writer...Interrupted.