Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oscar Noms

The Oscar nominations are out. Here's the full list.

Once again, I've never heard of most of these movies. What is it with Hollywood and nominating all of these movies that nobody ever sees?

I have seen a few of them. Bourne Ultimatum, At World's End, Sweeney Todd and Enchanted. My biggest beef this year though is not that they're once again nominating movies that nobody's ever seen, but that they are nominating movies that don't deserve it.

Sweeney Todd has been nominated for Best Actor, Best Picture, Achievement in Art Direction and Costume Design. This movie was NOT THAT GOOD. It was ok. There were a few moments where it was even mediocre. I don't regret going to see it, but I'm in no hurry to ever see it again.

This movie was not Johnny Depp's best performance. I wouldn't even put it in his Top 5, maybe not even his Top 10. Cap'n Jack is better, Benny and Joon was WAY better, even Blow (which I can't stand) was better from an acting standpoint. His character in Benny and Joon was just wonderful, he was a Buster Keaton wannabe and did a fabulous job. It doesn't get much better on the comedy front than watching Johnny Depp make grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron and "smashed" potatoes with a tennis racket.

Sweeney Todd does however deserve the Costume Design Oscar. The costumes were amazing! For once it wasn't a whole big mish-mosh of periods and decades. The designer actually knew what she was doing and paid attention. She did a marvelous job on that front. It's up against Elizabeth: The Golden Age, so that'll be interesting. The costumes I saw from Elizabeth are pretty awesome too.

Enchanted has also been nominated, for all 3 of its songs. Which were wonderful. I love That's How You Know. I've a sneaking suspicion Alan Menken will be going home with another Oscar for that one. (His other one is Under The Sea)

I'm also glad to see Pirates FINALLY getting some Oscar noms. Visual Effects and Make-up Design. I still wish Hans Zimmer's genius would be acknowledged on the music front though. But I'll take what I can get. The make-up design for all the pirate lords was pretty doggone awesome.

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