Friday, January 18, 2008

The Friday Fact

I've been thinking about dishes a lot the last couple of weeks. Part of this stems from inventorying my hope chests and discovering no less than 3 dozen complete place settings among my possessions. As well as a curious little casserole dish that has the words "Fire King" on the bottom.

Anybody who keeps up with the collectibles market knows what Fire King means. This post is for those of you who don't.

Fire King was a line of dishes produced by AnchorHocking from 1942 to around 1972. My little dish is probably 70's judging by the color of the fruit painted on it. It originally started out as a type of glass called jadite. Also known as milk glass. Jadite is a specific color though--sea foam green. These dishes were originally produced for use in restaurants because they're very resilient and Fire King was the first brand of oven-proof glassware.

The dishes are very hot collectibles and my little casserole dish is probably worth about $50. My uncle has a few Fire King pieces worth over $100.

So why am I talking about Fire King specifically? Went to the flea market today and, as usual, there were several Fire King pieces and one entire set. But one seller had some Anchor Hocking glass labeled as Fire King. It wasn't Fire King and things like that just bug me.

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