Monday, December 24, 2007

It's Christmas Eve...

And I've been a very bad blogger the past couple of weeks! It won't be improving until after New Year's. I just have so much fun at Christmas that being on my computer is the last thing I think about. There's too many Christmas movies to watch and so much family to see.

Did the quiz from Georgiana's blog and I'm not a Grinch! Of course I already knew this. And I do love the Grinch. Still need to watch that one. Surely we can mix him in somewhere with Cap'n Jack...

You Are the Furthest Thing From Grinch

You love and live for the holidays. You even love the Grinch!

You're in the holiday spirit year round... because you're all about celebrating and giving.

I did finally see The Nativity Story movie today. It blew me away. It takes a very special, moving movie to get me to cry. And I was crying when He was born. God was completely right when He said we can't comprehend His love for us. What He did for us is just amazing.

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