Sunday, November 4, 2007


Those of us who write fiction know that inspiration can strike anywhere, anytime without prior warning. Those of us who write historical fiction often find our enjoyment of history interrupted by said flashes of inspiration.

That's happened to me many times while touring various museums and watching documentaries on the History Channel. However, I thought it was safe to continue indulging in my love of haunted house specials, even though I don't believe in ghosts in that sense of the word.


Those are no longer safe. This particular one was on A&E, and when I turned it on they were just finishing up the Salem cemetery where the accused witches were buried. Then they turned to Fraynham Hall in Oyster Bay, Long Island. I'd never heard of it before, but apparently it's haunted by the ghost of the owner's daughter who fell in love with a British officer. I didn't finish watching that segment though, because my brain wouldn't let me. Traitor!

I'm now brooding over an idea that involves a Scottish girl and her Patriot family in South Carolina, the Swamp Fox and a Russian courtier sent to the Colonies by Catherine to evaluate if she should have an opinion about the Revolution. His name is Stefan, she doesn't have a name yet, and it does have a romance sub-plot.

Why a Scottish girl? Because I had Scottish ancestors in South Caroline at the time. And I've long been fascinated by the Swamp Fox, so it seemed natural.

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  1. I love those kinds of shows. I think I'd have watched it too. Last night there was one about Champ--the creature in the lake. I don't think it was history channel though, but I can't remember.