Sunday, October 21, 2007

And the crown goes to...

BOBBY JINDAL!!!!!!!!!!

What crown you ask? It's a reference to a really below-the-belt campaign ad that the Democrats were running. Bobby Jindal is a committed Christian, a godly man and exactly what this state needs to make forward progress after Katrina and Rita. He has a plan that'll work and isn't afraid to do the dirty work, and that scared the a lot of people in Baton Rouge.

Election was yesterday. Yes, we're weird and elect governors and sheriff's and state offices in odd-numbered years. Bobby got 53% of the vote, almost 3/4 of a million votes. That's staggering numbers for Louisiana, where most people don't bother to go vote in the governor's race.

The most amazing part though, is that Bobby is not white. His parents are Indian immigrants. Less than 20 years ago we nearly voted in a KKK Grand Wizard. This state has come so far, and now with Bobby's leadership, we can go even further.

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  1. Hey Rachel,

    Thanks for your comments on the blog. :) I appreciate your honestly. I did respond to you comment.

    Having the same name, I was confused about how you posted. I thought you were "quoting me." haha!

    Blessings, Rachel Hauck