Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm a Brownie!

Georgiana posted What Kind of Dessert Are You? Naturally I have to play.

You Are a Brownie

Decadent and intense, you aren't for the weakhearted.
Those who can deal with your strong flavor find out how sweet you really are.

First thought: WHAT??? That can't be right. I don't think of brownies as a dessert. They're in the same category as cookies- you eat them whenever the mood strikes or you need a quick mood elevater. But then I read the description. I am intense and not for the weak-hearted. Those who can deal with my strong personality and strong sense of who I am, do like me. Those who can't deal with it run the other way so fast it'll make your spin.


  1. Brownies are so yummy! Amazing how accurate this lil' quiz was, eh? Mine too! Except I really wanted to be cheesecake.

  2. I love brownies. Explains a lot. :-)