Monday, August 6, 2007

Very disappointed

I love dolls and I love Nancy Drew. Put the two together and it's perfect, right? Well, maybe not.

Earlier this year Robert Tonner was licensed to produce dolls of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. The Boys came out about 5 months ago, and I was immediately VERY impressed and want them badly. Very badly, though Joe will have to lose the glasses and they need their clothes swapped out. I probably won't get any of the other things though. The only part that matters is having my very own Frank that I don't have to share with Rokia! This is very important as Rokia likes to imagine that he belongs solely to her and she doesn't like to share.

They announced at the same time that a Nancy doll was in development. Needless to say I got excited. Lots of Sleuths got excited. She went live on the website today.

And I'm terribly disappointed! She looks nothing like what Nancy Drew should look like and her face isn't even up to the usual Tonner standards IMO. (have a look at the Tyler Wentworth collection, gorgeous faces on that line) She's sub-part for Tonner. Since the boys are the Undercover Brothers versions, she's got to be the Girl Detective version of Nancy. But even considering that, she doesn't look like Nancy. She doesn't even look like Emma Roberts! That would be acceptable because Emma played the part well. They used a new head sculpt on Nancy. They should have worked a little harder on it! We Sleuths wanted a period Nancy. Cloche hats, smart frocks, t-strap heels. That he could have done beautifully.

I almost feel betrayed, as strange as that sounds.


  1. That's not Nancy! Methinks someone didn't read the books before designing the doll. Totally not how I picture my favorite sleuth.

  2. I completely concur, as you know, and think that she looks like Bess with brown hair.

  3. She looks like Barbie to me. Definitely not Nancy Drew!!