Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mermaid tickets!!!!!

I have my Mermaid tickets!!!!! The Little Mermaid on Broadway that is. :D 12/1 at 8pm in the evening, in the balcony.

I'm going to see my best friend in New York. It's my birthday present to myself I guess. A present that's going to cost me an arm and a leg! Conference registration is cheaper than my plane ticket, and that's after making my trip go from Tuesday 11/27 to Tuesday 12/4. Ria wants me to see New York at Christmas, and I want to see New York at Christmas. And this means we'll have celebrated each others birthdays with each other. That's going to be fun!

And cabbage rolls.... Ria's Greek, and her mom is very Greek. Mrs. S. was born in the topmost village on Mt. Olympus. Doesn't get much more Greek than that. And man can she cook! So I'm going to freeze to death, turn into an icicle, see an awesome show, stuff myself with Greek food and celebrate my BD with my best friend. Life is good! (this also means Ria won't have to mail my present to me, lol.)

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  1. That sounds wonderful! Happy Birthday in advance!