Friday, August 3, 2007

The Friday Fact

I finally hit on a regular feature for my blog! I have all of these weird little historical facts stored in my brain, from various things I've researched or things I've just stumbled across. So I'm going to start sharing them, one every Friday. Well, every Friday that I remember.

The first one has to do with yellow fever and the Caribbean version of the Flying Dutchman legend. I was going to link to the article where I saw it, but I was just doing random search strings on yellow fever and can't remember which string turned it up.

Yellow fever was rampant in the white world in the 17th and 18th centuries. One of the worst yellow fever epidemics in history was in Philadelphia in 1793. Several facts may have to do with yellow fever because that's the theme at work for the next two months.

The crew of a ship contracted yellow fever and they all died at sea. It was said that the ship was the Flying Dutchman. The ship continued to drift in the Caribbean until it finally sank. Sailors seeing the empty ship started the story of a ship that was crewed by the dead.

I'm very curious to know which Flying Dutchman legend is the one that inspired the Dutchman made famous in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

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  1. What a fun feature! I look forward to reading each Friday.