Thursday, August 16, 2007

And here we go again!

The annual Watching of the Gulf has begun. His name is Dean and he's a Category 2 with an eyewall getting firmer and stronger with every Hurricane Hunter flight. This is bad. Very bad.

He's headed for the Lesser Antilles Islands and the Dominican Republic. He is moving fast, which is good if he stays moving fast once he gets over land. That means there won't be as much time for him to inflict damage. It's uncertain where he'll head once he's into the western Caribbean. They're pretty sure Florida is safe though.

That's not the part that's worrisome. The worrisome part is that one model has him making a sharp turn at the Yucatan Peninsula and aiming straight at Louisiana as a Cat 4 or higher, making landfall somewhere between Baton Rouge and Lake Charles. We can't take another hit of that intensity. Our coastline won't survive it and neither will the cities and towns down there. If this is what he does, I would be offline for days, maybe even a week or more. I saw prayer shred Katrina though, she went from a 4 to a 1 in 2 hours that Sunday, so if he does take the Louisiana based worse case scenario, you can better believe a call for serious prayer will be going out from every Christian in this state. I'm nearly 200 miles inland so storm surge is never a worry, but we do have to contend with eyewalls and 100mph+ winds. The eyewall of Lili in 2002 went right over my house and Rita's passed within 100 miles. Her eye was so big that we got the outer part of the innermost band right before the eyewall.

By Sunday we should have a better idea of what's going to happen. My dad's going to fire our generator up this weekend and make sure everything's in working order. There's no such thing as being too prepared when you live on the Gulf Coast.

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  1. My family's in Baton Rouge, so you'd better believe I'm already praying.