Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Miss Potter

My sister loves Beatrix Potter. She wanted to see the movie, Miss Potter, so Mama picked it up at Sam's the other day. We watched it tonight.

It was marvelous!! Absolutely wonderful. Seeing her watercolors always makes me wish I could paint. I love the look of watercolors. (that's probably part of the reason that I'm so addicted to Nadia Tate's ACEO's...)

Renee Zellweger played Beatrix, and Ewan MacGregor played her publisher, Norman Warn. Very well done all around. Seeing her talk to Jemima and Peter and Benjamin was very refreshing. That's the way I am with my characters, and I told my mom that. Hers don't talk to her like that. Everybody's different though.


  1. I can see my characters. So, I just watch what they do. :-)
    I loved the movie last night! That's 2 clean, refreshing movies I've seen lately. The other one being the new Nancy Drew movie in theaters now.

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