Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Making conflict

I've spent the last few days fleshing out the conflict for The Yellow Flag. Originally I was shooting to enter this story in the Wild Rose Press time travel contest. Life intervened though and that ain't gonna happen.

It's set in 1860 Alexandria, Louisiana. That's where I live and the area has a very fascinating history, particularly leading up to the Civil War, through the War and during Reconstruction. My heroine is a young woman named Corrine and the hero is a French Creole blacksmith named Rene. It's a forbidden love plot. She's white, he's mulatto (that's Louisiana for biracial). The conflict is really falling into place, and I just had one of the pivotal scenes drop into my brain.

The problem? I'm at work and can't type it up!

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  1. It sounds terrific. I love historicals, and as a northerner, southern civil war fiction is fascinating.