Monday, May 7, 2007

Zoe update

The munchkin has been to the vet and he confirmed my suspicions. That darn stupid Siamese went after her again! This is the third time I've taken her to the vet because of him. He has no right to be terrorizing my little kitty in her own yard.

The vet wrote the visit down as "cat fight" and told me to file a report with the police and talk to the cat's owner. He used to have two Siamese, and one of them got run over in front of our driveway. He immediately accused me and my sister of running over the cat, which we didn't. Somebody else did. Then he proceeded to go on and on and on to my mom about how valueable his two Siamese are. And he lets this one roam around all over the neighborhood! For some reason the cat likes our yard, and since we don't have Arwen, Queen of the Yard anymore, neither of our other cats will chase it away. Arwen was very territorial too and would go after any animal that dared to step foot on our property when no one was outside.

The first time he went after Zoe was when she was gone for nearly 3 days, that was 2 months ago now. When she finally felt it was safe to come home, she had impaled herself on a tree branch, it abcessed and she spent 3 days at the vet on IV antibiotics. Then when she was able to go outside again, he ran her up a tree out back. A piece of bark got worked into the wound and she had to go back again for more surgery. And now this. I oughta send the guy a bill! This cat is why Zoe is having nightmares and won't go outside some days.

I really need to go talk to the guy today and go to the police station, but I'm running fever and awful so I don't know if I'll get it done.


  1. I think you need to see if you have any recourse to get this guy to pay all of those vet bills!

    Hope the munchkin is feeling better soon.

  2. HI! I tagged you on my blog today--must come see the rules :-)