Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I'm a big fan of themes. Themes in my titles, overarching themes in my fiction. Theme songs.

I have a theme for my writing as a whole. It's embodied in a piece of artwork called The Storykeeper. It's a watercolor by Australian fantasy artist Selina Fenech. I have it on my mousepad, so I see it every day. I also have it in cross-stitch. (should any stitchers stumble across this post, I am not responsible for whatever damage your clicky finger may do)

She's writing " every fairytale, myth and dream that ever was" according the blurb Selina wrote on her website. That's sort of the theme of my writing as a whole. To write down every plot bunny, every idea, every scene that enters my head. I am my own Storykeeper. If I don't do this before I die, I will not die in peace. I will be tormented by the people who live in my head.

The point of this is that she just debuted a line of cameo pendants and Storykeeper is one of them. I see it arriving from Oz in the not too distant future. So I can wear it at conference.

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  1. Yay! I'll be looking for that pendant. Then I'll know it's you!