Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Real life

Sometimes I hate real life. It gets in the way of the things I want to do!

And by real life, I mean work. Working at KPH means you basically sell your soul. And I mean that in the best possible way! We're small, off the beaten plantation path and relatively unknown by the plantation community.

That said, we're wrapping up on the busiest springs we've ever had. This Saturday will mark the 7th in a row (not counting the one after my brother's wedding) that I've worked either half a day or all day. This time it's an all day and I'm praying fervently for a boring afternoon so I'll make it home by Kentucky Derby post-time.

It's been nothing short of crazy! With a shortage of staff to handle everything that we've got going on. We're all tired, frazzled, and getting on each other's nerves. Not a good thing. Today, relief drew near! The boss hired 3 new part-time employees. One holds the status of "must trusted volunteer" and is second to my mother in dependability. Her we can turn loose immediately. The other 2 will need some training, but hopefully they'll catch on quick. Older ladies, so that'll be different for all of us.

The best part about this, for me anyway, is that I FINALLY get to go back to the part of my job that I love the most. Research! I'm the Exhibit Co-ordinator, the Archivist, the typist and the resident house history expert. That's what I love most about my job. Digging around for things, finding all sorts of weird information to include in tours and exhibits. That's what I'm good. To be perfeclty honest, my people skills suck. But my ability to organize a pile of papers and find that missing piece of information is my greatest asset.

I never thought I'd say this, but I've missed my desk chair and I hope it's missed me. Maybe now I can finally find that bee skep...

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