Thursday, May 17, 2007

I love Facebook!

I do, I really do! Where else can I be surrounded by people who love White Christmas as much as I do, or join a group titled "Anti multiple giant inflatable Christmas decorations in the yard". I kid you not! And I totally am anti multiple giant inflatable Christmas decorations in the yard. Our neighbor had 3 of them this year and it was quite painful coming in every evening and seeing Rudolph, Frosty and a snowglobe staring at me.

Also the Dick Van Dyke Appreciation Society. I adore Dick Van Dyke. And "and WHY can't my life be a musical?". I've always wanted to live in a musical. Always.

And horse racing and Christmas tree lovers. Yes, I love Christmas trees. Just wait till Christmas! You might get sick of seeing pictures of our Christmas tree, lol.


  1. I'm having a blast at Facebook too! Look me up there!

  2. I love Facebook too! Quick updates and easy to maintain. Love it love it.