Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Contest mania!

I fear I've been bitten by the contest bug. Earlier this month I submitted a short story to the short story contest at A Writer's Toolbox. Then last week, Betsy Ann posted about a contest her publisher is running.

The set-up immediately intrigued me. Which surprised me, because I've never read a time-travel book! It normally doesn't catch my fancy. For some reason, this one did. Immediately, a character appeared, and a setting and a plot. So I'm running with it.

It's called The Yellow Flag and will be entered in the Western category. I'm sending my heroine back to antebellum central Louisiana right before an outbreak of yellow fever! I put together an exhibit on yellow fever and have had the facts and stories floating in my head for 3 years. I need and want to use them. Now I can!

And yes it qualifies as Western. I'm west of the Mississippi. I even double-checked with Wild Rose this morning, just to make sure. I'm excited! This will be my first time working under a deadline, so I'm eager to see what will happen.

The best part right now is that I don't have to research anything, except maybe refresh my memory on the progression of yellow fever. I'm going straight to the writing!


  1. yay! I took a look at this constest too. What a fun premise. Best of luck to you in the process and the results!

  2. I hope it goes well for you! And have fun!