Thursday, April 12, 2007

Those handy little light bulbs!

I love "light bulb" moments. Especially when they hit at convenient times. Like 5 minutes ago. Having one while brushing your teeth is a lot more convenient than say, on tour or in the shower.

I have this story called Far Above Rubies. You can probably guess what the main point of the plot is just based on the title. He's in the Navy, she's a recently converted Iranian Christian with no sense of self-worth. It's been sitting in my head, unmoving, for at least 3 years. Maybe longer, I've lost track. Because it doesn't have a core conflict!

I've been going back and forth and driving myself crazy trying to find the core conflict. You can't have any story, much less a romance, without some sort of conflict and this story is just that, a straight romance. No suspense or intrigue involved. The suspense angle doesn't work without re-writing Blair's entire history and that just won't do. He will cease to be the person Mariah loves if I do that.

So, I think I've finally hit on a major component of it. And it was all thanks to my dearest friend and "writing buddy" Lisa. I've been bouncing ideas off of her for the last 2 days, and yesterday she mentioned something about pre-marital jitters. So I buried that in my sub-conscious and while brushing my teeth it spit up the answer.

I'm sure there's still pieces of it floating around deep inside my brain. They'll come out in their own time I'm sure. It always does. And in the meantime, I can start filling some holes in the storyline and move forward on this thing! I can hear Lisa jumping up and down and shouting all the way from Florida.

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